Student Filmmakers

The NSFA's Filmmaking Liason is Chris Nunn.

Chris is originally from Brighton on the South East Coast of England. He has just graduated with a First Class undergraduate degree in Digital Film Production at London South Bank University. He has lived in London for the last three years and has just returned from a trip to the Southern Hemisphere where it was a great deal warmer!

Chris first got into filmmaking at the age of fifteen - and hasn't stopped since! Originally a theatre nerd involved with a large number of productions in and around Brighton, Chris eventually decided that his preferred craft was film and since studying in London has averaged seven short films a year (half of which, he doesn't like!).

But those shorts he does like, mainly offbeat comedies, have gone on to relative success. His film Strawberry Laces about a woman who can't go anywhere without her teddy bear picked up two awards, one of which was 'Best Comedy' at Screentest Film Festival 2009. His graduate piece 'The Hunt', a film about a group of office workers who go on a team building weekend dressed as pirates, has also just picked up the 'Audience Choice' award at the Winchester Film Festival.

Chris firmly believes he is an imperfect being and an even more imperfect filmmaker. His blog, which will be updated regularly on this site, was to be titled 'No Bullshit' as Chris affirms that he doesn't believe it's his place to tell other students how to make their films. What he will tell you, is what he has gone through and continues to go through in his filmmaking: the traps, the pitfalls, the tears, the oscars etc etc. Chris has just begun a two year MA Course in... you guessed it, Film Production. So stay tuned and if you have any questions (preferably relating to film making), please don't hesitate to shoot Chris an email.