Film Festivals

Student Film Exhibition

Aside from getting student films made, the other key intention of the NSFA is to get student films seen. Unfortunately student films and their quality seem to be regarded with a cautious apprehension by the movie-going public. However, with the magnitude of student film festivals and events that are popping up all over the country it would appear that this apprehension is being proved wrong and that there is still an audience for student films.

The student film category in the professional Norwich Film Festival and the opportunity for students to submit to the Cambridge Film Festival suggests that student films can hold their own against their professional counterparts; forcing student filmmakers not to hide behind their student stereotype but to make the best films possible, thus raising the bar of the quality of student film.

Getting Your Work Seen

Student film festivals are a great place for student filmmakers to screen their work in a friendly atmosphere amongst other student filmmakers and people enthusiastic about film. They also provide the opportunity for you to get direct feedback on your film from an audience.

Take a look at our list of student film festivals from around the UK

There are many other opportunities and events for students to screen their films. Some independent cinemas hold events where young or emerging filmmakers can bring their films along and have their films screened. Similar events are also held in pubs and/or cafes all over the place. This information is less easy to come by, but it is worth checking out what is on offer around you.

The Cube Microplex in Bristol holds an event called Bluescreen once a month; it is a walk-in independent filmmaker programme which welcomes professional and amateur filmmakers alike:

Alternatively you could organise your own event to screen your work or the work of your society or course. Hold a screening of your work in your union or if you can get hold of a projector and screen ask your local pub or cafe if they are willing to support you. You may even be able to make a bit of money for your film society or towards the budget for your next film. Plus it gets people talking about and recognising your work.

Run Your Own Festival

No festival near you? Can't get your work shown? Why not put on your own festival? It's easier than you might think... Read our guide to putting on your own festival, or read the SoFi Festival Case Study.