What is the NSFA?

The NSFA, short for the National Student Film Association, is the biggest organisation in the UK to promote and widen exposure of student film making. It was founded on the 16th June 2009 by a group of film students from five different universities who felt that the time had come for a new organisation that would connect student film societies, festivals and film makers all around the UK.

Joining the NSFA

Membership for the NSFA will re-open over the Summer holidays. If you are studying on a course at a UK college or University, your lecturers/academic department will be informed to invite new and exisiting students. A sign up will be available on the website as well.

The government of the NSFA

The NSFA is governed by a board of trustees and the National Student Film Council. The council, which meets at least once per year is elected by current students at UK colleges and Universities. Elections for the 2015/16 academic year will be announced shortly.